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    Public deliverables are accessible from this page as they become available. To download a deliverable, please click on its title. If the title is not clickable the corresponding document is either not available yet or it is a restricted one. You may ask for a restricted deliverable by contacting the project manager at efkout***at***


    Deliverable Number Delivery Month
    P1.1 Initial Progress Report 12
    P1.2 Mid-term Progress Report 24
    P1.3 Final AquaNet IPR Management Mechanism Report8 27
    P1.4 Final Progress Report 27
    P2.1 Prototype/Report 16
    P2.2 Demonstration 21
    P2.3 Publication Submissions 27
    P3.1 Report 16
    P3.2 Sensor Demos 16
    P3.3 Sensor Prototypes 27
    P3.4 Final Report and Publication Submissions 27
    P4.1 Report 16
    P4.2 Prototype 21
    P4.3 Prototypes/Demonstration 27
    P4.4 Final Report & Publication Submissions 27
    P5.1 Web Site 5
    P5.2 Report 16
    P5.3 Final Report & Publication Submissions 27
    P6.1 Water Management Specifications Imprint 16
    P6.2 Material at the project web site 16
    P6.3 AquaNet optimized Water Management Algorithms 22
    P6.4 AquaNet GIS Application Software 22
    P6.5 Gateway middleware software 22
    P6.6 Final Report & Publication Submissions 27
    P7.1 Report 22
    P7.2 Patent Proposal Draft 22
    P7.3 Prototype/Demonstration 27
    P7.4 Final Report & Publication Submissions 27
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