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    (25/09/2015 - 30/09/2015) - Participation on 7th commercial, industrial exhibition of Central Macedonia in Katerini

    Zalikas - Liondas Technical participated on 7th commercial, industrial exhibition of Central Macedonia (EVEP 2015) held from 25-9 to 31/09/2015 in Katerini in Pieriain which he presented the project, its objectives, perspectives and innovative character:


    (25/05/2015 - 29/05/2015) – INSPIRE Geospatial World Forum

    GET participated in the exhibition held in May (25-29 May 2015, in Lisbon) at the World Congress INSPIRE Geospatial World Forum, with the participation of more than 1700 participants (public and private sector) from 104 countries. The conference had as its subject "Geospatial technologies" and "good governance" in the context of joint institutional and legal initiatives. During the conference, the conference venue, GET had its own kiosk where through Widescreen highlighted both the website of AquaNet and the GIS application software. Also representatives of the AquaNet's project team were informing all stakeholders about the project objectives, results and developed applications. Extensive interest was observed from information operators on water supply, by local authorities and private companies. Similarly, at national level, GET participated in the companies report under the 4th Panhellenic Conference of Surveying Engineering, Thessaloniki, 26-28 September 2014 where the beta version of AquanetGIS was projected on a screen informing Surveying Engineers from public and private sectors on the project objectives and benefits.






    PromoteAquaNetproject on theConferenceINSPIRE Geospatial World Forum 2015.

    (30/03/2015) – Open Day on Technical University of Crete

    Presentation of the developed technology at AquaNet was performed for secondary school students visited Technical University of Crete during the OpenDay  on 30/3/2015:  




    (01/03/2015) – Carrier Guidance Workshop

    Presentation of the developed technology was performed during the workshop for carrier guidance  at the Cultural Centre of Chania on 01.03.2015:



    (26/09/2014 - 01/10/2014) - Participation on 6th commercial, industrial exhibition of Central Macedonia in Katerini

    Zalikas - Liondas Technical participated on 6th commercial, industrial exhibition of Central Macedonia (EVEP 2014) held from 26-9 to 01/10/2014 in Katerini in Pieria, in which he presented the project, its objectives, perspectives and innovative character:





    (11/07/2014) – Annual Meeting

    The annual meeting of AquaNet took place on Friday 11th July at the Technical University of Crete. The current status and future activities of the project were discussed during that meeting.

    Annual Meeting.jpg

    ( 27/09/2013 - 02/10/2013 ) - Participation in 5th Commercial and industrial exhibition of Central Macedonia in Katerini

    As part of the exhibition " ΕΒΕΠ 2013" (5th commercial, industrial exhibition of Central Macedonia ) in Katerini ( 27/09-02/10/2013 ) , we received the visit of the Minister of Macedonia-Thrace Mr. Karaoglou . During the visit the Minister was briefed by members of the research team Dimitri and George Zaliki Lionta about the project, its objectives, perspectives and innovative character. During this visit , but throughout the period of the exhibition was exhibited at the booth of " ZALIKAS LIONTAS TECHNICAL " poster project .


    AQUANET poster.jpg

    ( 26/09/2013 ) - AquaNet site has been launched today


    This the first post in news page of AquaNet web site.

    We proudly present the AquaNet site, based on Mindtouch Core wiki platform. The aim of this webplatform is to inform the public about the objectives and the progress of AquaNet project, as well as to help consortium members and contributors have a great collaboration tool.

    Some of the features enabled in this platform are:

    • Restricted member area for consortium members and contributors, on which they can upload files, write reports, publish results of their progress and exchange any kind of information required for their collaboration.
    • Total control on published material. Every member can control if the material that publishes is public accessible or restricted to certain members, group of members or private.
    • Writting reports on this page is not such a time consuming work. All pages can be exported to pdf files using template files. In that way, all the partial results published here can be combined and produce an almost publish-ready report in pdf.


    I would be proud to help anyone of the consortium members and collaborators to make the site as more useful as they want.


    Yours sincerely,



    ( 26/07/2013 )- Kick Off Meeting


    AquaNet's kick off meeting took place on Thursday 26th July in Technical University of Crete. All consortium members were present. Dr. Koutroulis, AquaNet project leader, presented the aim of the project and the workplan and Mr. Mavrelis presented GET portfolio in related projects they had in the past. After the meeting, we were guided in one of the most known water tank of Chania, Agios Ioannis tank, and in the central control point of DEYAX water management system.


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